Dear Friends: Our long term readers know that this webpage was born over 15 years ago, when certain special interests sought to demonize some Alaskan and some Canadian energy interests.  One of our secondary goals has been to facilitate greater diplomacy and understanding among citizens of both countries — in support of both separate and joint energy projects.  Hopefully, the sort of blog entry we have today will lead us ever closer to greater understanding among citizens of the two countries.  -dh


“…because that’s where the money is”


Dave Harbour

So why does the enviro-governmental-industrial cabal put so much effort into attacking the honest, hard-working private sector?  Here’s the reason, famously given by a prisoner answering a rather stupid question as to why he robbed banks: because that is where the money is.

Someone once asked Slick Willie Sutton, the bank robber, why he robbed banks. 

Sutton looked a little surprised, as if he had been asked “Why does a smoker light a cigarette?”

“I rob banks because that’s where the money is,” he said….

Courtesy: MFI

Yes, we consider members of the enviro-governmental-industrial cabal to be robbers, for as we have demonstrated to our readers, the true goal of activists is to destroy capitalism.  And, they’ll continue taking it from the energy and mining sectors — even though they are killing the geese that lay golden eggs for both today’s economy and that of our kids.  They’ll continue, because that is where they find the wealth they need to kill capitalism and redistribute power.

American and Canadian energy producers have created the economic foundation of North America that has long accounted for the remarkable freedoms, military security and material benefits that underlie success of these sister nations.  Those in the energy field have largely focused on their work and paid less attention to protecting their political survial than the enviro-socialist activists wishing to take the throne of leadership for their own purposes.

T0 defroc free enterprise, the enviro-socialists create messages and supportive actions that seek to win in the end regardless of the means they must employ to reach that end.  Their strategies result in more liberal voters and more liberally canted bureaucratic jobs and fewer free enterprise jobs held by fewer voters inclined to vote for the ideals of freedom and capitalism.

Little by little, as USSR, Cuban, Venezuelan, North Korean, Chinese, Nazi and other socialist regimes have come and mostly gone, the North American cabal of enviro-socialist players sought patiently to persever.  

Year by year and issue by issue; decade by decade and election by election they labored to transfer money and jobs and power from the free enterprise sector of capitalism to a nightmare voting block of socialists; anarchists; welfare beneficiaries; crony capitalists dependent on socialist subsidies; culture killing alternate lifestyles and constitutional critics.  They have camoflaged their activities under cloaks of religion (especially in Canada); minority rights; environmental fervor; labor interests; liberal education teachers; text book approvers and community organizers.  

These enemies of the North American way of life and the prosperity enabling it, have sought to dismantle public integrity, culture, values and our institutions by intimidation and lawsuit settlements using the very laws of freedom that they seek to dismantle.  

We see the progress of progressivism every day as nuisance lawsuits stop natural resourse projects favoring the public interest and transfers of wealth further erode freedom; as soldiers are forbidden to reflect faith in their creator; as small businesses are forced to service customer demands they consider wrong; as bureaucrats are given bonuses and still called ‘public servants’; as bureaucrats are suspended for suspicious acts but paid to not work; as bureaucrats caught performing illegal acts are not punished; as baby body parts are sold in the name of freedom; as men are permitted into girls’ latrines; as little kids are taught traditional and deviant sexual technique in public schools; as public facilities are challenged for using words like “Christmas” and “man” and “Ten Commandments”….  And, the list goes on.

This anti-freedom, politically correct strategy has worked.  Little by little over the years, handlers of the message (i.e. including George Soros and his sycophants and grant awardees) have provided financial support and leadership to a large network of socialist organiztions (i.e. including journalists) bent on “fundamentally changing” the atmosphere in which North American exeptinalism has been cultivated, until now.  

Sadly, as these negative socialist forces worked on, freedom’s defenders demured and compromised, leading this writer to a general conclusion that: socialists never ‘compromise’; conservatives always ‘compromise’.  Take Congress, for example, how one state gets a bridge in return for a vote to fund an otherwise unfundable, faux science program; an unneeded military object (locally produced); a reprehensible and vulgar art experiment.  Meanwhile, that bridge — because it is federally funded — must be constructed at a higher “prevailing wage” cost to hapless taxpayers with large volumes of money flowing to organizations opposing the election of fiscally responsible legislators, both local and federal. 

In the other columns, we provide weekend stories indicating how successful the liberal agenda has been in Canada and the United States, and how the outrageous policies that agenda has advocated have finally awakened significant opposition in both countries. 

For the sake of continued North American prosperity that flows from from “free but REASONABLY taxed and regulated natural resourse wealth development”, we hope that free citizens from Alaska to Alberta to Nova Scotia and New York will wake up, identify the forces aimed at their destruction, organize and take action while there is still time.

Having experienced some success with the election of Donald Trump along with the freedom-enhancing policies he espouses, we have a first step toward repudiation of big government socialism.  We hope to see similar execution of freedom’s policies continue on both sides of the border, bringing true reform and other election successes throughout the two countries.  

We hope that the honest, hard working citizens will recognize that they need not continue compromising away their freedom and the lion’s share of the wealth they produce in order to empower another form of government, another kind of society, a less secure country, a more oppressive federal government, a future with less opportunity and greater debt for the nation’s children, a poorer nation, a society deprived of the “faith of our fathers”.



Obama’s Failed Presidency

National Review by Conrad Black

Trump must try to cope with his predecessor’s disastrous legacy. Like most people, I had hoped for the customary settling down after the very tumultuous and nasty election. We have been denied that, not by the candidates, who have been dignified, but by the outgoing administration. I have written here and elsewhere before that this has been the most incompetent administration since James Buchanan brought on the Civil War, but I had not realized how the immunity to severe criticism afforded President Obama, because of his pigmentation, had been allowed to disguise how inept this administration has been, how authoritarian and sleazy, and how the president’s demiurgic vanity has gone almost unnoticed as the toadies and bootlickers like Tom Friedman and David Remnick went into overdrive.

Only now, when, instead of simply expressing solidarity with his party’s narrowly or even questionably defeated nominee, as Dwight Eisenhower did with Richard Nixon in 1960 and Lyndon Johnson did with Hubert Humphrey in 1968 (and even Bill Clinton slightly managed with Al Gore in 2000), President Obama has disparaged Hillary Clinton. He said the election was “about my legacy,” and that he would have won had he been allowed constitutionally to seek a third term, and for good measure he has incited the inference that the election was determined by unspecified illegal computer-hacking by the Russian government.   More here….

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