Trump’s EPA Could Open Door For Alaska Gold And Copper Mine.  A proposed gold and copper mine in Southwest Alaska is one step closer to becoming a reality this week: On Monday the company behind Pebble Mine announced a new investor.

Second big Pebble announcement: Permit application on Friday.  Just days after Northern Dynasty Minerals of Canada announced it had brought on a major partner, the company today says it has final paperwork ready to file for a major permit…

Alaska And The Nation Will Now Have ANWR Support For America’s New “Dominant Energy Policy”

“We know this Arctic. You don’t know the Arctic at all. They will tell you, as I will tell you, that it is 2,000 acres of Arctic. Is that worth this fight? Did I bring this fight on? It was the minority in the House that refused to vote for the rule that we passed on the reconciliation bill. This provision was in the reconciliation bill. The majority voted for it. Every other time it has been brought up, except once, the minority has filibustered keeping the commitment made to me by two Democratic Senators in 1980, Senator Jackson and Senator Tsongas. They wrote the amendment; I didn’t. They wrote the amendment that kept this area open for oil and gas leases.”
U.S. Senate floor transcript. 12-21-2005.  NGP Photo: 3-12-10, © Dave Harbour 2010.

We enthusiastically support Washington’s action to finally make true on the ANILCA 1002 promise — to the country and, specifically, to the late Senator Ted Stevens.   This was a 37-year-old promise made, long ignored and finally kept yesterday.  Here are some useful and rare video references for you.

However, we continue to warn the federal Administration that Alaska’s Governor continues to advocate a socialist, North Slope gas pipeline/LNG project destined to disappoint all who supported it with their treasure and their reputations.  Governor Bill Walker’s gas export odyssey has rejected private enterprise in favor of veering onto a path of government ownership.  When one of the largest gas projects in the history of the world — with unproven economic feasibility — is owned and managed by a dissonant flock of temporarily elected and appointed politicians and bureaucrats controlling tens of billions of dollars, what could possibly go wrong?  -dh

See the point? Dulles Airport area, within 1.5 million area, within 19.6 million acre area, restricted to winter when caribou and migratory birds are absent…. Unreasonable? No. Allowed by law with Congressional approval.

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP), by Becky Bohrer.   Alaska political leaders on Wednesday hailed as historic the passage of federal legislation that will allow for oil and gas drilling in a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The state’s Republican congressional delegation sees it as a win decades in the making, one they say will provide a boost for this oil-reliant state. Environmental groups see it as a big mistake and say the fight isn’t over.

The drilling provision was part of a larger package — a major restructuring of U.S. tax policy — that also repeals a requirement that Americans carry health insurance or face a penalty.

U.S. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young, who has served in the U.S. House since 1973, were among the lawmakers invited by President Donald Trump to speak at an event Wednesday marking the bill’s passage.

Young said persistence paid off.

Earlier, Sullivan told reporters that elections have consequences. He said both the Senate’s Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, and the Republican White House were supportive of the effort to allow for drilling in the refuge, which is in the northeast part of the state.

Murkowski, who became chair of the Senate energy committee after the GOP in 2014 regained Senate control, said drilling can occur in a way that balances development with care for the environment.

That’s already happening on Alaska’s oil-rich North Slope, she said.

There have been significant technological advances since the push to allow for drilling began decades ago, she said. Murkowski and Sullivan said critics used “tired,” outdated talking points when citing….  (READ THE FULL STORY HERE)

Anchorage Daily News:  Some big Alaska problems barely touched as Walker enters the final year of his term.  Gov. Bill Walker seems to have woken up with re-election a year away and realized, like a student nearing the end of the term…

U.S. Congressman Don Young (Ak).

U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (Ak).

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (Ak).

Alaska Delegation celebrates ANWR decision with President Trump .  Alaska’s congressional leaders celebrated a decades long battle to open ANWR following tax bill passage.

Sun Shines On Arctic Coastal Plain.  Senator Lisa Murkowski R-AK: “This is a very historic day of course, but it’s also…winter solstice…the shortest day, the darkest day…

Murkowski: Passage of ANWR drilling ‘a big day for Alaska’.  Alaska’s congressional delegation hailed Wednesday’s historic passage of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, attached to a sweeping GOP tax-reform…

Teamwork got the job done on ANWR measure, Alaska lawmakers say.  Twelve years ago, U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens experienced what he called the saddest day of his life, when he couldn’t hammer a measure through the Senate…

Congress passes sweeping tax bill that allows drilling in ANWR.  The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval on Wednesday to the biggest overhaul…

Tax bill, ANWR opening give Alaskans cause for celebration.  This holiday season, Alaskans can have a renewed sense of hope for good jobs, larger paychecks, stronger growth and enduring prosperity.

ANWR drilling bill passes Congress.  Alaska’s members of Congress are celebrating their success in opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

Trump lauds ANWR passage; Young: ‘We finally got it done’.  Alaska’s members of Congress celebrated their success Wednesday in opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

Oil companies aren’t promising to drill in ANWR…so how interested are they?  Congress has opened a section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil development.

White House Gathering, Tax Bill/ANWR approval.

The Nation Will Have A More Competitive and Reasonable Tax Law Beginning On 1-1-18

Trump celebrates after Congress wraps up massive tax package.  President Donald Trump cheered a massive overhaul of U.S. tax laws Wednesday, saying “we broke every record.”

GUEST COMMENTARY: Historic opportunities for Alaska in Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  This holiday season, Alaskans can have a renewed sense of hope for good jobs, larger paychecks, stronger growth, and enduring prosperity.