Energy 20/20: A Vision for American’s Energy Future.
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February 4, Washington Report: NARUC Meeting.

 Monday, following a gracious introduction from incoming NARUC Philip Jones, NARUC PRESIDENT, Washington PUC, Photo by Dave HarbourPresident Philip Jones (NGP Photo-r), Alaska U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo) announced release of "Energy 2020: A Vision for America’s Energy Future", at the Winter Meeting in Washington of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC).  Murkowski is ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Upon taking the podium, Murkowski warmed up the early morning audience of 800 regulatory commissioners and other conference atteLisa Murkowski, US Senator, Energy Committee, Ranking, Energy 2020, Dave Harbour Photondees with reference to the previous evening’s Super Bowl power outage in New Orleans.  This became a humorous and effective segue into the theme of her presentation and energy plan that, "Energy is Good".  "Energy is essential to who we are as a prosperous nation," she said.  She emphasized that her plan included five principles:  "It is in our natonal interest", the plan says, "to make energy abundant, affordable, clean, diverse, and secure."


Richard Foley, FERC, Division of Pipeline Certificates, Photo by Dave HarbourOn Sunday, February 4, Richard Foley (NGP Photo) briefed NARUC’s Staff Subcommittee on Gas on proposed right of way rules and landowner notification procedures.  Foley is Branch Chief/Program Manager, Division of Pipeline Certificates, Office of Energy Projects, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  

Review Foley’s notes here.

Murkowski advocated an "all of the above" approach that could lead to energy self sufficiency by 2020.  She said that nothing affects the economy as much as energy supply and price and that lowering the direct cost of energy is key to the nation’s economic recovery.

She said that the country is still far too dependent on foreign sources of energy but that by 2020, "we could be fully independent from OPEC."  To achieve that degree of independence, Murkowski’s ‘all of the above’ approach addresses greater production of domestic conventional and unconventional fossil fuels, renewable resources, including hydro, marine, solar, wind, energy storage, biomass and geothermal, nuclear, and alternative fuels.  She also maps out ways of using less energy, incresed reliance on clean technologies, modernization of energy delivery systems, governmental reforms, and environmental responsibility.  All of these stragegies work together to produce energy independence by the end of the decade while ‘paying for themselves."

We are confident that Murkowski’s proposal is a solid, reasonable way for America to overcome many of its current economic threats.  While we also believe that under the committee leadership of Senator Ron Wyden (NGP Photo, a Senator who appeared before NARUC a year ago), the Murkowski Plan has a fair chance of passing from Committee with bipartisan support.  However, we retain doubts that the full Senate Majority and the Obama Administration will want to undertake the positive, energy and wealth producing elements of the Plan.  

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