Energy Is The Very Foundation Of North American Freedom

Eco-socialist Strategists Know That The Means, Transportation and Distribution of Energy Production Can Come Under Their Control Via Government Expropriation And/Or Regulatory Power


Dave Harbour

Pit and PendulumToday we ask our readers to recognize the dots that connect socialism and eco-activism to the undoing of free energy markets and freedom itself.

We will demonstrate why this transformation is not merely the natural swing, back and forth, of a political pendulum.

Our readers can surely agree that:

  • Freedom can be eliminated by eliminating free enterprise.
  • North American free enterprise can be challenged by eliminating the major foundation of the free market: energy.
  • Energy is the foundation of our free market and freedom itself because without it our great civilization fails for lack of energy to mine critical minerals, harvest critical timber, commercially gather critical seafood biomass, manufacture products, enjoy commerce and travel and so much more.  Citizens without domestic energy resources must work harder — and less productively — to pay more for energy imports.
  • If eco-socialist strategy succeeds in limiting or controlling domestic, North American energy production, transportation and distribution, the consuming marketplace must pay more for more imports and and will endure more government control.
  • The longer the eco-socialist strategy of controlling the means, transportation and distribution of energy remains active, the larger becomes the regulatory bureaucracy, the less freedom exists in a weakened free enterprise system and the more control flows to a growing government bureaucracy and its allies.
  • A tactic of the eco-socialist strategy is to put into turbo-drive the redistribution of wealth. Tax and over tax fossil fuel enterprises and provide taxpayer subsidies to uneconomic alternative energy schemes which are dependable political allies.  This process reduces the number of free enterprise jobs and increases the number of government enabled jobs for millions of economically affected families — whose ability to vote and desire to vote are also affected.

Ultimately, citizen acquiescence to or ignorance of this slow political evolution from freedom to government control can only result in economic or actual dictatorship of the many by the few.

Venezuela, a socialist country and Cuban protégé that expropriated energy properties and sought to manage the means, transportation and distribution of energy — along with other components of its economy — has fallen into a hellish chaos of a dysfunctional dictatorship, hyperinflation, unemployment, and a sense of fear that ravages the entire society.  (How can citizens of a country without toilet paper be happy?)

Argentina expropriated energy industries and it, too, has endured societal chaos, inflation and a multitude of dangers.

We could provide North American decision makers and citizens with other examples of how creeping socialists and overspending creates control of economic production and corrupts nations.  (Nice that it couldn’t happen here)

Similar results emerge from dictatorships/kingdoms, like Saudi Arabia, which seek to buy public favor with petrodollars until there is more demand for public welfare than availability of petrodollars.

Political power quests to control energy and other means of production are ultimately seen to eliminate freedom, create civil unrest and — finally — destruction of the offending government.  In short, the failure of socialism has almost always enriched a few authoritarians at the top (i.e. and their allies) at the expense of their citizens — for a while — until the natural progression of socialism leaves the country in ruins.

We must also remember that the way socialists obtain their control is never to say, “I want to eliminate your freedom and control you.”  Their silky, sophist message to low information masses is, “I will make sure the fat cats no longer take advantage of you.  Capitalism is evil.  I will manage everything for the community’s benefit, for the social good, for justice.  And…I can increase your security if you’re willing to give up just a little more freedom.”

Their final goal is: 1)  to win via free elections (i.e. Hitler’s National Socialist Party,) or 2) take/remain in power via force (i.e. Lenin’s/Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Our readers can now see that in the United States and Canada, Socialism (i.e. dictatorship) is seeking control by first obtaining political/regulatory dictatorship of the energy industry (i.e. and others like health care).  The “sue and settle” practices of the U.S. administration transfer millions from free natural resource enterprises to favored NGO political allies and their nicely salaried executives.  As the private sector is demonized and diminished, the bureaucracy dependent on socialist largess grows until a final takeover via free elections can occur.

When the final takeover of socialism occurs, there is no longer a need to be “environmentally aware”, “politically correct”, “Pursue Justice”: whose advocates have, sadly, only served as useful idiots to the strategists.  When this final stage arrives, as we have also suggested, ethics of every sort is out the window and old enviro and low information allies become expendable.

In these pages, we have exposed the fact that:

Below we bring you further insights into the growing threat to freedom and the free market:

  • See our review here of how the U.S. government — particularly the current administration — has successfully used its power to kill energy projects, close access to public lands and dramatically increase the regulatory bureaucracy.  Meanwhile, an ‘asleep at the switch Congress’ has approved an unbridled extension of  the federal budget and hyper bureaucratic growth — along with an approaching $20 trillion debt.  This level of debt cannot help but produce an inflationary event that will ultimately bring down the country’s unstable “house of cards”.
  • See our evidence here documenting efforts by the current Alaska government to limit energy productivity in the state while seeking to take regulatory, financing and equity control over various Alaska projects.  Politicians are threatening natural resource development in the current, chaotic world of  unsustainable, deficit spending, which they themselves created.
  • Note the continuing evidence by Canadian activists to limit energy projects.
  • See how the Cabal noted above is organized.  Add to that link this more recent evidence: how NGO elements of the Cabal, (i.e. George Soros’ Center for American Progress membership in Plowshares) bribed a public media NGO to support a false narrative (i.e. George Soros, again) of the Administration dealing with recent, non-Congressionally approved, Iran arrangements (i.e. some of the details and “side arrangements” of which are still unknown to U.S. citizens but known to international governments, including Iran.)  The effect on both world energy supplies and terrorism is significant.
  • In an insightful Playboy article, British author Steve Coast provides us with an essay connecting the loss in freedom with the ascension of “politically correct” thought control.
  • Here we provided readers with evidence that discord among free enterprise fossil fuel producers is spelling disaster.  Energy companies soliciting White House favor demonized coal — undoubtedly useful to the administration’s War on Coal.  The Paris climate change “initiative” by several oil companies partly supports the destruction of coal — a move that enhances the value of growing natural gas/LNG supplies.  We concluded our commentary with this:  …all of the natural resource creators of wealth must continually reach higher environmental and technological standards while sticking together in the battle to do them all in, one by one, not fighting one another.  For the natural resource based companies and economies must join with consumers everywhere to fight what amount to anarchist efforts that will deprive civilization of the basic, affordable fuels we depend upon to sustain the large, growing populations of the world.
  • Quite by accident on the same day, Tom Harris produced a piece for PJ Media, Energy Producers Must Target Radical Environmentalists, Not Each Other.  In his article, Tom wrote: “Think of the Founders’ wisdom: in July 1776, Benjamin Franklin told the delegates discussing whether they dared sign the Declaration of Independence: ‘We must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately.'”


Critics might say, “Well, Dave, you are exaggerating.  There’s always political tension regarding energy.  Don’t forget, the pendulum also swings the other way.”

Pit - Pendulum 2We hope the public and citizens will come to better appreciate that a free energy industry in a free enterprise system is the foundation of North American prosperity.  Neglecting this reality provides socialism with the very avenue it needs in its march toward control of both human wealth production and the freedom of citizens.

In response to the critic’s admonition about the political pendulum one can only be concerned that the critic has blinded himself to a clear and present danger.  For while pendulums do swing back and forth, one would hate to be lying beneath one when Vincent Price controls not only its side to side movement, but its descent as well.