Ron Miller, Alaska, Redistricting, AIDEAWe exercise our personal privilege: to honor our friend Ron Miller, who passed away yesterday.  We are grateful for a good ADN story by Lisa Demer that pretty well describes why those who knew Ron, will remember him as a dedicated citizen who gave more than full measure for the good of his fellow man and whose life of professional competence and high integrity ended entirely too soon.   -dh

ADN Compass Piece by Alaska Gas Pipeline Federal Coordinator, Larry Persily (NGP Photo).  It’s time to once again show that Alaska can handle the biggest jobs. It’s time to push for building a pipeline to move North Slope natural gas to North American customers.  Anyone who has been following the market knows the nation doesn’t need Alaska natural gas for the next several years. Supplies are up, prices are down, and customers generally are content.  But as the U.S. economy recovers, as demand for gas builds and our nation grows, there is no guarantee that easily accessible Lower 48 gas supplies will meet all of the needs into the next decade and beyond — and that is Alaska’s opportunity. As the nation’s electrical utilities increasingly turn to clean-burning natural gas, they need to know that gas will be there for decades to come — at affordable prices.