Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis Is All About Irresponsible Spending and Responsible Natural Resource Development

Alaska's Fiscal Crisis: Irresponsible Spending vs. Responsible Resource Development  *     *     * i.e. Socialism vs. Free Enterprise *     *     * Socialism seeks to control the means, transportation and distribution of production.  Two socialists are competing for the Democrat presidential primary.  One of those socialists has been endorsed by Alaska democrats.  Alaska's democrats are in a partnership with Alaska's "independent" governor.  The Governor wants equity control over a gas pipeline project and exercises bureaucratic control over [...]

11-17-15 Statoil Leaves Alaska – Murkowski Schedules ANILCA Hearing

TransCanada thrives amid intense challenges.  Read more below.  -dh U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski Responds TODAY TO  Statoil's decision to end its Alaska Arctic offshore exploration program.   Schedule now for this hearing of Senator Lisa Murkowski's (NGP Photo) Energy and Natural Resources Committee:   Thursday, Dec. 3, 10 a.m.,  Full committee hearing on implementation of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980, including perspectives on the Act’s impacts in Alaska and suggestions for improvements to the Act.  Seeking Alpha.  TransCanada says it is sticking with a plan to increase investor payouts by 8%-10% annually through 2020 even [...]

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11-16-15 Canada Waits For Political Winds To Shift In Favor of Keystone XL – and – Ak-LNG Update On the Kenai Peninsula

TODAY'S  relevant energy links, courtesy: Consumer Energy Alliance: Steel on Steel: News Radio with John Loeffler  President Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline permit this week, handing green activists a victory and dealing the oil industry and Canada a loss. Michael Whatley (NGP Photo), Executive Vice President for Consumer Energy Alliance, examines how thousands of jobs and dollars will not find their way into our economy, and how Canada is waiting for the political winds to shift in America before revisiting the project.    Peninsula Clarion by Ken Boettger.   Nikiski residents gathered [...]

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10-28-15 Shell Hit Again–This Time In Canada

Today's LNG Hearings and Shell's Canadian Setback (Note as you read all these items how closely related energy projects are to the economic health of our economies!  Perhaps as enviro activists and hostile local and federal governments attack energy projects in the future these case histories will cause the adults in the room to better and more loudly articulate a wiser way forward.  -dh) ADN by Pat Forgey.  Gov. Bill Walker (NGP Photo) is wondering if pension borrowing may be useful in Alaska. Under consideration are what are known as "pension obligation [...]

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10-22-15 TransCanada Cuts Senior Staff

TransCanada Story LNG PRICES CONTINUE TUMBLING, THREATENING FEASIBILITY OF MANY PENDING LNG PROJECTS!  Our thanks to Frank Avezac for the link.    -dh Juneau Empire by James Brooks.  The state of Alaska is negotiating up to the last minute on proposals that would guarantee major oil producers’ participation in the state’s liquefied natural gas pipeline, Gov. Bill Walker told reporters Wednesday afternoon.  (Note: only a very foolish governor would threaten his state's biggest investors.  Any short term victories will be dwarfed by a long term bias against investment in such a state. [...]

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10-21-15 BP Inks Two Big Deals With China

Will The New Liberal Government In Canada Strike A Climate Change Deal With Obama In Return For Keystone XL Approval?   LNG Agreement Signed During State Visit to UK BP and China Huadian Corporation (Huadian) today signed a sale and purchase agreement for BP to sell Huadian up to 1 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per year worth up to $10 billion over the next 20 years.              The agreement was one of several signed in London during this week’s State Visit to [...]

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4-23-15 US Administration Should Emulate Canadian Regulatory System

ExxonMobil's Rex Tillerson Compliments Canadian Regulatory System, Chastises U.S. Administration (i.e. ...with good reason, as we have documented herein.   We would also observe that many U.S. and many Canadian decisions affect citizens of the other country, their economy and their very lives.  Therefore, as each others' largest trading partner, we should always be aware that our decisions encompass much more than simply "our" economy or "our" politics.  Tillerson is right.  From personal knowledge we are very familiar with NEB and FERC energy regulatory systems along with state and provincial systems.  Sometimes the US [...]

3-13-15 Apology to Canada (and the world)

See Alaskanomics Posting of Mike Bradner's Column Re: State Spending.  Why do we at Northern Gas Pipelines often focus on the importance of a 'sustainable Alaska budget'?  Because if the state cannot control spending and continues deficit spending, no infrastructure project in the future will be safe from sudden, unplanned, predatory taxation to stave off bankruptcy: hence, no gas pipeline.  That's why.  -dh Apology To Canada And To The World by Dave Harbour Robert O. Anderson, Atlantic Richfield Co. Board Chairman, Board Member: Arctic Gas Consortium, Photo Circa 1975. Spring, 1976 [...]

3-10-15 Proud Of Our Newest Senator

Are We Proud Of Alaska's Newest U.S. Senator?  Yes We Are! (We are also delighted with the new, House Natural Resources Chairman, Rob Bishop.  Bishop replaced our longtime hero Chairman Doc Hastings and seems to be effectively and seemlessly moving forward.  More here....  -dh) During his tenure as Alaska's Attorney General Alaska's newest U.S. Senator, Dan Sullivan, brought lawsuits against the federal government for endangering Alaska's constitutionally reliant resource base. Sullivan later served as Commissioner of Natural Resources, continuing Alaska's stand against hostile instances of federal overreaching jurisdiction. As the 49th [...]

Mackenzie Valley Oil Pipeline? Cook Inlet Gas For Fairbanks?

Watch live hearing  today @ 1 p.m. ADT re: HB 105, AIDEA BONDS; PROGRAMS; LOANS; Fairbanks LNG PROJECT (Note increased C.I. reserve estimates) ... Friday, Gas Pipeline Federal Coordinator's Office Closed; Larry Persily (NGP Photo) now Kenai Borough Gas Pipeline Coordinator ... AJOC, Midwest Utility Coming North To Alaska? Alberta Oil Magazine by Richelle Wiseman.  (Mackenzie Valley Oil Pipeline?  See our earlier stories.  Photo, Invuik Church, Circa. 2002) It took nearly 40 years, one national inquiry and thousands of hours of negotiations, but in 2011 the National Energy Board finally approved the Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline. [...]

2-12-15 Senators Murkowski and Sullivan Take On Big Issues Of The Day

Sen. Murkowski meets with Kerry on Arctic issues - Timothy Cama  Alaska's newest U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan tackles big issues! U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, yesterday applauded passage by the House of legislation approving construction of the Keystone XL pipeline across the U.S.-Canada border. The House approved S.1 by a vote of 270 to 152. New U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan (NGP Photo) of Alaska delivers maiden speech (1/27/15): Supporting Keystone XL and "Big Dreams"and a federal government that, "ignites hope". Boehner: Obama siding with [...]

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2-11-15 Energy Projects Cry Out For Market Freedom

TODAY: Chairman Upton & Chairman Murkowski to Join House and Senate Leaders At Keystone XL Press Rally The Alaska LNG Project provided draft environmental and socioeconomic reports to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which is responsible for conducting the environmental review of the project.  US/Canadian Pipelines And A Call For Market Freedom by Dave Harbour Free enterprise, like water, always seeks a way out of containment in a natural quest for liberation. In recent months, we have reported extensively on President Obama's improper (i.e. and totally rational, if [...]

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2-10-15 FBI Investigates Enviro Activists

(A strange turn of events when the current administration's FBI investigates anti-Keystone XL extremist environmental planners who could have criminal intent.  See Globe & Mail Story Here.  -dh)   Globe and Mail.   See yesterday's report of another possibility: an Oil Sands Alaska Pipeline concept ... that we reported on over two years ago.  -dh Opponents of Canadian oil say they’ve been contacted by FBI investigators in several states following their involvement in protests that delayed northbound shipments of equipment to Canada’s oilsands. ... Deep Green Resistance.   That group, DGR, [...]

2-5-15 Eight Things To Know About ANWR

PORT OF ANCHORAGE. Yesterday, we were delighted to meet with management of one of Alaska's oldest, most reputable and largest employers: CH2M HILL.  (The company first helped secure the Port and City of Valdez in wake of the terrible earthquake and tsunami in 1964.)   We discussed a wide range of CH2M HILL projects and commitments to Alaska and shall address more of those over time.   One issue affecting Alaska oil and gas logistics is status of the developing Port of Anchorage.  Company spokesman, John Corsi gave us this statement. [...]

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