9-19-17 Never Forgetting About My Readers!

E.B.B. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach...." Dear Reader: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, over 1.5 centuries ago, wrote how I feel about you, today.  While she spoke of romantic love and mine rises from respect and fraternal friendship, the intensity is similar. I awaken every day first for a prayer that His will be done. Then as I exercise and prepare for the work day, my thoughts usually move to you.  What useful thing [...]

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9-15-17 Mrs. Hickel Passes

 Former First Lady Ermalee Hickel Ermalee Hickel, 2011 WTC Export Luncheon. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour Former First Lady Ermalee Hickel passed away yesterday afternoon.  As a friend of the family your author knows she anticipated--with a sense of joy--meeting her husband in Paradise. To close friends and Hickel family members, we send our warm wishes and share prayers of thankfulness for having known these two great 49th State citizens. For their honesty, work ethic and contributions to the economy we are additionally grateful to Governor [...]

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6-28-17 RDC Annual Conference Attracts US Mining Leader

Commissioner Colette Honorable. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Personal Commentary: Several years ago your publisher had the honor to serve as vice chairman of the NARUC (National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners) Gas Committee.  Also serving on the committee was Arkansas regulatory commissioner, Colette Honorable.  Colette has served the FERC, as Senator Murkowski notes below, with distinction.  She has also been a highly accomplished and congenial colleague and friend.  We [...]

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4-21-17 Arctic (And Other Energy) Conferences!

Yesterday, we advised readers about two upcoming conferences, one in Inuvik, NWT and one in Anchorage.  Below, we alert readers to consider several more!  -dh Enjoy The Kentucky Derby Spirit With An Alaska Railroad Twist! Alaska's Energy and Minerals Sector Could Interface With Other Constituent Businesses In A Great Atmosphere.  Join Us Next Week!  -dh On Friday, April 28, 2017, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce invites our readers to come aboard the Annual Anchorage Chamber Train Ride, held from noon to 4:30 p.m., on the Alaska Railroad passenger train. This [...]

4-20-17 Plan Ahead For Arctic Conferences!

We are sure that our Arctic oil, gas and mining readers will find this conference useful: International Business Conference & Trade Show Sheraton Anchorage Hotel    Alaska's Premier Arctic Business Event Focused Squarely on Trade, Commerce, and Investment in the Region.  Four Ways Your Company Can Participate in  Arctic Ambitions VI Conference & Trade Show    ATTEND THE CONFERENCE This year, the theme of the conference is New Arctic Realities: The Path Forward. With this theme, we will highlight the following areas: transportation, technology and innovation, infrastructure development, natural resource [...]

3-15-17 Remembering Dennis Hebner

Dennis Hebner. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour  (Breakfast meeting photo) Dennis was three months older than I.   In spite of our vintage, we were always exploring and analysing the future, not dwelling on the past or on the various infirmities du jour.   We sat together at countless RDC* and Alliance breakfast meetings.  Arriving early, we'd always have time for a leisurely breakfast and conversation, usually revolving around one of his recent trips to Idaho or Hawaii or my many business trips around the [...]

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3-4-17 Day 1: On The Road Again, From Cuenca and Guayaquil, Ecuador to Peru

A personal note: Yes, we travel a bit.  For over a decade we have endeavored to provide daily updates to keep these Archives current for your current and future reference.  Our individual and family work and travel over the years has taken us to most states and Canadian provinces, to China, Europe, Korea, Japan, Russia, South America and the Middle East.  But no matter where we go, we think of you -- counting on us to maintain a complete archives of northern energy projects, people, maps, presentations, documents, news and commentary. [...]

11-14-16 Remembering Landon Kelly, A Respected, Admired 40-year Friend

Landon B. Kelly (1923 - 2016) Landon Kelley ADN.  Landon B. Kelly, a major architect of Prudhoe Bay and a man affectingly called the "John Wayne" of the North Slope, died on Oct. 26, 2016, in Anchorage, Alaska, on his 93rd birthday. A service is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016, at St. John United Methodist Church, 1801 O'Malley Road in Anchorage. Following a long career in the oil industry Outside, Landon went to the North Slope in January 1969 as the first Prudhoe Bay [...]

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10-11-16 Join Us Tomorrow (Wednesday) 6 p.m.!

ALASKA WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL SOCIAL EVENT (MORE INFO HERE) Join us at 5:30pm for a social mixer with our guest speakers prior to the program start at 6:00pm. Beverages will be available for purchase during the event and social hour. Please plan to arrive earlier if you plan to eat food prior to the program or plan to try 49th State Brewing Co‘s delicious food after the discussion. Speakers: Community Perspective – Mead Treadwell Prior to joining Pt Capital as President, Mead Treadwell served as Alaska’s lieutenant governor and was [...]

9-19-16 “Do Alaska’s Citizens SERIOUSLY Want A Government Owned, Politically Controlled Gas Pipeline/LNG Project? Really?”

Honoring another dearly departed friend, Father Norman Elliott From Ak-Headlamp this morning: AGDC president Keith Meyer challenged the idea that Alaska LNG isn't the best path forward for the state in an Alaska Dispatch News op-ed. According to Meyer, "Everyone wants to monetize their gas, but we want to open the project to broader market participation. AGDC welcomes producer investment but also recognizes that investing in the project assets as an equity owner may not generate the return they need. Setting up a transparent tolling structure allows [...]

9-16-16 Honoring and Remembering Bill Brooks

Point of Personal Privilege:  Your author was honored to have called Bill his friend.  -dh William E. Brooks (1916 - 2016) "Bill's smiling face will be missed. We are thinking of..." - Steve & Joanna Bobko-Hillenaar William (Bill) Edward Brooks has "gone west". He died September 15 at the age of 100. Bill was born February 9, 1916, in Klamath Falls, OR to Alden Ira and Leota Jean Brooks and grew up on a cattle ranch where he learned hard work and respect for others that later brought him great [...]

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