11-20-17 On the Road Again

  ALERT: Nebraska gives approval to Keystone XL pipeline Courtesy: TransCanada FYI: our "on the road" Facebook post: http://tinyurl.com/y8ylvfed Alaska Gas Reaction to China-Alaska gas letter mixed Must Read Alaska (blog) Walker stressed the joint development agreement between the state, AGDC and the integrated Chinese oil and gas giant Sinopec, the Bank of China ... Gas line could employ 12000 at peak, 1000 long-term KTUU.com ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The Alaska gas line project could bring up to ... to Keith Meyer, president of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. [...]

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10-11-17 Chairman Bishop Moves to Reform Antiquities Act Abuse – and – Oh Canada!

Representative Rob Bishop, courtesy Civil Services. Yesterday, we provided a commentary by U.S. House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop on the subject of, "Antiquities Act is a Menace to Constitutional Government, Part I."   Today, we provide his Part II, follow-up commentary along with committee action to cure the Act from future abuse.  Please scroll down.   This commentary also appeared earlier this morning in the Washington Examiner.  -dh Subcommittee Chairmen Respond to Antiquities Act Reform Legislation  TODAY, the Committee will markup H.R. 3990, [...]

8-1-17 We Congratulate Fox News For Its New Alaska Map

MORNING HEADLAMP: A TALE OF TWO WALKERS – BEST OF TIMES, WORST OF TIMES (Please note that this 7:35 p.m., EST version replaces an earlier, unedited draft.  -dh) Why Fox News' Initiative To Properly Portray Alaska's Size & Location Is Important To Alaskans ... And, To All Americans Commentary by Dave Harbour Fox's improved North American map more accurately contrasts Alaska's size, position and importance relative to the Lower 48 states. 7-29-17. -dh Caribou on oil industry gravel pad. Being five feet above the mosquito infested [...]

4-5-17 Former Alaska Gasline Development Corporation CEO, Dan Fauske, Passed Away Today

   Former Alaska Gasline Development Corporation and Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Chief Executive Officer Dan Fauske passed away today after a courageous battle against cancer.  Our prayers are with his family.  -dh Dan Fauske. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour. “Dan Fauske touched the lives of so many Alaskans, first through his work with the North Slope Borough and later as the head of Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and Alaska Gasline Development Corporation. His work helped generate millions of dollars in construction projects and affordable [...]

3-4-17 Day 1: On The Road Again, From Cuenca and Guayaquil, Ecuador to Peru

A personal note: Yes, we travel a bit.  For over a decade we have endeavored to provide daily updates to keep these Archives current for your current and future reference.  Our individual and family work and travel over the years has taken us to most states and Canadian provinces, to China, Europe, Korea, Japan, Russia, South America and the Middle East.  But no matter where we go, we think of you -- counting on us to maintain a complete archives of northern energy projects, people, maps, presentations, documents, news and commentary. [...]

1-24-17 President Trump Trumps Obama’s Pipeline Blocks

Courtesy: The Des Moines Register Video Alert: President Trump plans to sign executive orders reviving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, which had been stalled under the Obama administration.... ______________ Oh...and we note that on the Canadian side of the border the pipeline access challenges drag on as special interests seek advantage at the expense of the public interest.  -dh Métis protest construction of northern Alberta TransCanada LNGpipeline ___________________________________________________________

9-11-15 Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget: 9-11 REMEMBRANCE OF GAS PIPELINES POLITICAL PIPEDREAMS: LEST WE FORGET! by Dave Harbour Maybe history teaches that political pipedreams don't work so well. Would it not be wise to learn from our past? Would it not be logical to offer support and not hostile dictates to private sector investors -- for a change -- so that they might realistically conform energy exploration, production, development, transportation, marketing and distribution hopes to the realism of private sector expertise, science-based planning, decision-making agility, competition-inspired efficiency, volatile market [...]

8-4-16 Alaska Gasline CFO Calls It Quits

  AGDC finance VP quits; Walker vetoes bill to put legislators on board Bruce Tangemon, AGDC's Departed CFO. (Note: we have always considered Tangemon to be a man of high principles.) NGP File Photo by Dave Harbour. Alaskajournal.com The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. is moving ahead with its alternative financing concept for the Alaska LNG Project with a couple leadership ...

8-3-16 We Find The Alaska Governor’s Position Wanting

Dear Reader: Alaska Governor Bill Walker. NGP File Photo by Dave Harbour Today we add our note to the story below: We find the state's position wanting.  If Alaska governor Bill Walker's predecessor governors wished to demand competitive producer information, they would have put that demand in the original Prudhoe Bay Lease Sale -- and future lease sale -- requirements.   Adding requirements -- especially those that violate federal laws -- after a lease sale, after investors pay their bonus bids, after exploration and development and construction of [...]

9-29-15 More Fallout Follows Shell’s Withdrawal From Alaska’s OCS Potential

See more of yesterday's reports and reactions from U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), various news sources yesterday, more sources today, and our commentary. Here is Tuesday's Early Report... ...in wake of Shell's announcement yesterday that after $7 billion invested and over a half decade of delay and disruption mostly caused by America's government, it is withdrawing from Arctic OCS exploration.  See statements (below) by Governor Walker, Alaska Oil and Gas Association, Consumer Energy Alliance, Congressman Don Young (NGP Photo) and American Energy Alliance.  (Search our archives for many other Shell Oil [...]

4-3-15 Gas Line Collision

Our Great Concerns With Walker's Policies AJOC by Tim Bradner  With about two weeks left on the clock, the 2015 session of the Legislature seems set to end with a big bang. A collision is shaping up between legislators and Gov. Bill Walker (NGP Photo) over the governor’s vision of a large state-led gas pipeline.     Notes from the road (Reference Bradner Commentary Above): We have little time to write while traveling (Today in L.A. on the way to Anchorage).  We do note that as the Alaska legislative session comes to [...]

11-18-14 TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline: “The Medium Is The Message”, But All Is Not Lost….

Personal note: en route today from Cuenca, Ecuador to Anchorage.... Globe & Mail.  In Alberta, where the Conservatives are Progressive, Premier Jim Prentice (NGP Photo) accurately described his province’s biggest challenge in a weekend speech to his party. Alberta, he said, has to find new markets in Asia for its oil, and the only way it can do that is by redefining the province “as an environmental leader.” CBC.  TransCanada is launching an aggressive campaign to get public support and recruit "advocates" for its Energy East pipeline.  Documents obtained by Greenpeace and shared [...]

7-24-14 Keeping Oil Tax Reform Sustains Alaska

Alaska Dispatch by Jonathan Katchen.  Much of the discussion surrounding our oil taxes is driven by emotion and ideology instead of facts. Most Alaskans want a vibrant oil industry that generates good paying jobs, keeps the oil flowing for years to come and provides Alaskans with a fair share of revenue. Here’s why voting to repeal SB 21 will jeopardize these goals.

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