9-15-16 Kish Returns To Capitol Hill

We are delighted to note that one of Washington's most knowledgeable energy analysts is joining the office of House Speaker Paul Ryan.  We think our Alaskan, Canadian and Lower 48 readers will be grateful that such an advisor will be in such a position to improve energy decision and policy making in Washington.  -dh GOP Energy Veteran Kish To Ryan's Office: As Playbook readers found out this morning, Institute for Energy Research Senior Vice President Dan Kish is headed to Speaker Paul Ryan 's office as a new policy adviser for energy, environment, [...]

9-12-16 Father Elliott: Dearly Departed – State Fiscal Crisis & Gas Pipeline Confusion Continue

From Must Read Alaska: FATHER ELLIOTT TAKES HIS LEAVE Beloved to many Alaskans, Father Norman Elliott passed away on Sept. 9, 2016. He was 97. Father Elliott was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II. He was heading to seminary when he joined the Army in 1942, after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Elliott fought the Germans in France, Luxembourg, Germany, and England. In an interview, he said in 2013: “I remember good times, I remember bad times.  I remember times where I barely escaped by the skin [...]

9-5-16 Our Friend, Hugh O’Brian, Leaves A Great Legacy!

Dearest departed: Hugh O'Brian by Dave Harbour One year I served as Chairman of the Hugh O'Brian Youth foundation - Alaska (HOBY). Hugh and his black lab stayed with us -- and our chocolate lab, Jake -- during one of Alaska's Foundation events in the mid-80s. Fully committed to youth leadership training, he would call on a regular basis from his Beverly Hills home to check on our progress developing that year's Alaska program: bringing dozens of rural and urban high school upper class achievers to our Alaska Pacific University venue [...]

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3-10-16 Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis – Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan BREAKING NEWS....ADN by Rashah McChesney.  Alaska Governor Bill Walker (NGP Photo) had a press conference today.  It seems to have been much ado about?  Please enlighten us on what this report means aside from some consolidation and a little elimination of duplication, maybe.  Pardon us if we are confusing "political optics that something is being done to courageously face 'Alaska's Fiscal Crisis'," with something important that is, indeed, being accomplished -- like eliminating one or more of these agencies.  Of course, any action will have to be delayed until a [...]

3-4-16 A Personal Aubrey McClendon Perspective by Richard Lee Ranger

On Alaska radio 4:30 - 5 today -dh "If the world around us seems increasingly chaotic, you may not be overreacting.  You may simply be sensing signals to become more serious about soul searching, personal planning and decision making."   -dh CBC.  ... debate over the Energy East pipeline becomes more about national unity. More. Yesterday, in a case that means as much to Oil & Gas as it does to other natural resource industries, John Sturgeon (NGP Photo) addressed the RDC breakfast meeting about his case before the U.S. Supreme Court.  See Sturgeon's [...]

3-3-16 Fracking Pioneer Dies In Oklahoma City Car Crash

We are sad to note a report from a reliable source that an important oil industry player is leaving Alaska.  Following a disappointing 4th quarter 2015 net loss of $7.2 billion -- but not necessarily related to it -- Apache Corporation will be leaving Alaska.  Details to follow.  -dh  From Embassy News - Canada - comes this Mackenzie Valley Pipeline update by Marie-Danielle Smith. Former Governor Frank Murkowski (NGP Photo) Suggests "Another Approach" To Providing Alaska North Slope Gas Producers With Fiscal Certainty.  Note: we have always reminded readers that fiscal certainty provided for gas [...]


February 14, 2016 FROM OUR CUENCA, ECUADOR FRIEND, FORMERLY OF HARRISBURG, PA., EDDIE THE EXPAT #17 (Prepared 2-12-16) Hi gang! I had planned to write this sooner but I had computer problems and had to have the tech come to the apartment to lay his healing hands on the machine. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my fan club for all the cards, letters and emails that I received in 2015. I am astounded that one person can compose so much! I hope your holidays went well: New [...]

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2-9-16 Announcing Calgary Conference

See EIA's "Short Term" Energy Outlook Released A Few Minutes Ago! Alaska House To Consider Only Budget Legislation Until Budget Is Passed, Re: Alaska Fiscal Crisis!  ADN by Nathanial Herz. Senator Lisa Murkowski  Makes Kenai LNG Facility Announcement Today! "Hot Off The Press HERE": U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today released a report prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) raising key questions about President Obama’s proposal to levy a new $10-per-barrel tax on oil. *   *   *  Also see this House Resources Committee statement, just released! Having Chaired the Calgary O&G Symposium when the Alaska overland and [...]

2-2-16 Remembering and Treasuring the Dearly Departed: Chuck Hawley

Old Friend: For over four decades I never knew you to be other than dedicated to reasonable but robust resource development, consistent with the theme of Alaska's Constitution and the Statehood Act. I will always treasure your wisdom, Chuck, your friendship, honesty and tireless dedication to the Great Land. -dh  Charles C. Hawley October 23, 1929 to January 14, 2016 On January 14, 2016, Alaska lost a great. Charles (Chuck) C. Hawley was a loving husband, father, geologist, musician, pilot, historian, teacher, author, and, for decades, leader of Alaskan policy and [...]

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1-23-16 Lisa Murkowski On Energy Policy – Sarah Palin On The Donald – DiCaprio And Trudeau

Yesterday was Robert Dillon's (NGP Photo) last day of service to Senator Lisa Murkowski's Senate Energy Committee.  He was thoughtful enough to share his news with regular correspondents and we pass it on, here, for some of you who know Robert well and wish to remain in touch with him.  (Other Murkowski staff changes noted here at APM.)  -dh WASHINGTON, D.C.–In the Weekly Republican Address, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, discusses the Energy Policy Modernization Act, the first broad bipartisan energy legislation to be [...]

1-20-16 Supreme Court Hears John Sturgeon’s Case Today

Supreme Court Hears John Sturgeon's Case Today We just learned today of the passing of our longtime friend: Arlon Tussing (NGP Photo).  We thank Dermot Cole for his thoughtful biography and offer a few comments of our own, here.  -dh Juneau Empire by James Brooks.  The state’s budget crisis​... Here is our position on what adults owe the coming generations.   We mention it here, because all policies of oil producing U.S. States and Canadian Provinces revolve around energy production and consumption. ...and, because we detest intergenerational enequity!     [...]

12-29-15 Wilson Condon Passes

Our friend, former Alaska Attorney General Wilson Condon Passes: Anchorage Daily Planet.  NGP Photo.   Wilson and I became closely acquainted during his service with the Hammond administration.  In subsequent years, as he served in the Knowles and Murkowski administrations we had additional reason to confer an a number of gas pipeline policy matters as well as oil and gas tax, royalty and regulatory issues.   He was an accomplished Alaska attorney.  He was a gentleman, a kind man, and an objective, fair-minded professional.  Here is the Family obituary: Wilson [...]

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12-7-15 Pearl Harbor Day: A Personal Story

Remembering Pearl Harbor Commentary by Dave Harbour EIA's Alaska production revision.... Calgary Herald.  The province faces strong opposition to its climate change (i.e. Alberta) plan — fuelled by distaste for the carbon tax — according to a new poll that also suggests many Albertans doubt the NDP’s claim the plan will lead to pipeline approvals. News-Miner opinion: The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation board of directors’ vote to push forward with work on the Alaska LNG pipeline project is a good sign, giving hope that the state’s current oil slump may one day be eased by natural [...]

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12-4-15 Alaska Government Agency Votes To Fund 2016 LNG Project Budget

ADN by Nathaniel Herz.  A state-owned corporation voted unanimously Thursday afternoon to advance the proposed Alaska LNG gas line project for another year, though board members didn't say if Alaska had received long-sought guarantees from three oil company partners to make their gas available if they dropped out of the project. (See AGDC Release) Friends, family and associates will join Marc Langland (NGP Photo) tonight to celebrate his over 25 years of service to Alaska as co-founder and Chairman of Northrim Bank. Here is a wonderfully written story by DJ Summers [...]

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11-26-15 Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Lost Thanksgiving references:  Our friend Marc Bond's offering; President Ronald Reagan's 1985 Thanksgiving Address; President George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation  Our politically correct retail community hastily exchanges the words "Thanksgiving" and "Christmas" and "Easter" for "Holiday". Here's a new twist, the National Parks Foundation (NPF) sent out a plea for contributions on Thanksgiving, today! "We hope you will join us in taking time today to give thanks for our nation's greatest treasures — our more than 400 national parks," the solicitation pleads. Not to be picky, but does NPF mean "give thanks" to [...]

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