U.S. A note this morning from our Mid-Atlantic energy analyst friend:   We have written a few notes in the past year about the new arenas for potential gas-on-gas competition in markets that previously were potentially underserved. This is a normal capitalist result of easy money, large resource volumes, and relatively free regulatory constraints. We have identified the period 2016 to about 2023 as the period of infrastructure for the natural gas markets. With so many moving parts involved in the production, transportation, and end use of the resource being undertaking simultaneously, it [...]

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10-30-17 Propaganda by any other name is still propaganda!

Continued from Wednesday.... Пропагaндa By Any Other Name Is Still Propaganda Propaganda: Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view By Dave Harbour "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...." In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare truly observed that “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” We introduce this theme today to study, along with our readers, one way in which Alaska’s government appears to be using propaganda to enhance its agenda. *     [...]

10-26-17 An Alaska Energy Outrage?

An Alaska Energy Outrage?  Read And Weep. News Miner.  "...wanted to make sure the IGU is truly doing its due diligence in purchasing Pentex from AIDEA. She believes “the entire community is going to be on the hook” for the success of the Pentex purchase." By Dave Harbour Since the commentary below is from an anonymous Fairbanks citizen, we invite any reader with contrary or supplementary facts to add them below.  We print this unsolicited viewpoint in the interest of public dialogue and because his general understanding of issues [...]

10-25-17 It’s all about government subsidized energy projects

It's all about government subsidized energy projects What a shame!  Be sure to tune in Friday for our essay on propaganda.  What a shame! Alaska Gasline Development Corporation Jenkins: Let’s set an Alaska LNG deadline – and stick to it Heard on the Street: Dubke's back?  Must Read Alaska (blog).  Bill Walker's Chief of Staff Scott Kendall is working on getting his former boss, Mike Dubke, a contract with Alaska Gasline Development Corporation ... AGDC aims at year end.  Petroleum News From Must Read Alaska.  MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL IN ALASKA: Not wolverines, [...]

10-24-17 Alaska Gasline Development Corporation Rests Hopes On “Letters of Intent”

Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) Hopes Rest On "Letters of Intent" We would offer a comment that "LOIs" -- especially those with long terms and huge uncertainties and many conditions -- are not very useful.  They are not relatively straight forward gas sales contracts with take-or-pay or ship-or-pay provisions.  LOIs can be called, "binding", but an "agreement to maybe agree someday" is full of problems no matter what you call it.  In short, more public money should not be poured into this socialized, politically-controlled, bureaucrat-run LNG/800 mile pipeline scheme [...]

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10-23-17 “Beware the Greeks (i.e. or Russians or Chinese) bearing gifts (i.e. Trojan Horses)!”

Is any citizen uncomfortable with these headlines?  Good.  There is reason for concern! Governor Pitches Alaska Natural Gas to Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund - Chinese President Makes Pit Stop in Alaska on Return to China - Alaska expects stronger engagement with China on gas ... - YouTube - Alaska Natural Gas International Deliveries to China (Million Cubic Feet) “Beware the Greeks (i.e. or Russians or Chinese) bearing gifts (i.e. Trojan Horses)!" Observations by Dave Harbour Alaska-Ecuador Flag Pin Rafael Correa, courtesy, Wikipedia Now look what happened to Ecuador under socialist [...]

10-20-17 This Day Will Never Come Again

Alaska's Interior Energy Project Today Will Never Come Again Commentary by Dave Harbour Because it is unique, today and its inhabitants should be well treated.  For that reason, we pause when thinking of energy things.  We pause because it is easier to criticise decision makers than understand them.  As we pause, we recall being deeply critical of democrats and republicans who have both wisely spent and wasted the Prudhoe Bay legacy.  Since today will never come again, we will try to look upon the Interior Energy Project with grace [...]

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10-19-17 One Great Alaska Gas Boondoggle – WHY WE ARE SO PROUD OF EPA TODAY!

TODAY WE ARE VERY PROUD OF THE EPA AND HERE'S WHY! And Today ... ...we draw reader attention to the enormous waste of money called the Alaska LNG Project. Tomorrow ... Alaska Governor Bill Walker. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour ...we will draw attention to the enormous waste and foolish decision making accompanying the subsidized, so-called Interior Energy Project: a misguided and uneconomic effort to provide 'affordable' gas to the Fairbanks area.  What do the two projects have in common: Alaska Governor Bill Walker, their biggest advocate! [...]

10-18-17 Sage Grouse Alert – Good Carbon, Biofuels, Heads Up Re: Proppant!

Latest Drilling Equipment For Sale! Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday , October 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM in 1324 Longworth House Office Building, the Committee on Natural Resources will hold an oversight hearing titled, “Empowering State Based Management Solutions for Greater Sage Grouse Recovery.” WHAT: Full Committee oversight hearing “Empowering State Based Management Solutions for Greater Sage Grouse Recovery” WHEN: Wednesday, October 25 10:00 AM WHERE: 1324 Longworth House Office Building National It seems the biodiesel bandits have convinced Senator Grassley to hold EPA nominees hostage to protect their mandate. Des Moines [...]

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10-17-17 Let’s Help EPA Right A Wrong, TODAY!

TODAY IS THE DEADLINE FOR COMMENT AND WE SHALL MAKE COMMENTING EASY FOR OUR READERS RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!  -DH Dear Friends: This is about the State of Alaska's right to lease land to the Pebble Partnership for exploration of minerals.  The federal EPA in an unprecedented move, "jumped the gun on the legal process", and acted to deny the lessor of state land an opportunity to present its case -- BEFORE IT HAD EVEN FILED THE FIRST PERMIT TO DEVELOP THE PROJECT!  Regardless of your position of the [...]

10-16-17 Finally, DOI Supports Reasonable Energy (i.e. “wealth”) Development

BSEE director highlights Arctic importance - 10/15/2017 (Login to read Full story) During a visit to Alaska at the beginning of October, Scott Angelle, director of the federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, stressed the importance of the Arctic in the Trump administration's strategy to achieve U.S. energy dominance, according to a press release issued by BSEE. BSE....  

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10-15-17 Normally we don’t….

Normally We Don't... This UN leader's objective: kill capitalism ...promote solicitations.  Today is an exception. We have reported and editorialized extensively on the highly organized socialized movement to destroy capitalism and, in the United States and Canada, our principal economic foundation: fossil fuel exploration, production, transportation, refining, power generation and manufacturing. So today we bring you, below, an unaffiliated advertisement of a good American dedicated to identifying and challenging the socialist onslaught.  As supporters of reasonable resource development, focused on the oil & gas and mining sectors, [...]

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10-14-17 Consumer Energy Alliance Weekend Energy Links

Michael Whatley, Consumer Energy Alliance. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour. The Grand Island Independent: KXL is a must-have for Nebraska — and its farmers, by Michael Whatley There’s not a lot of options for transporting energy to those who need it, especially farmers. And among the options, only one has a near-perfect safety record and doesn’t divert infrastructure or resources from another industry. That option: pipelines. KOAA-TV – Colorado Springs, CO: Black Hills Energy proposing rate adjustments for customers *Emily  We heard another heated public hearing Wednesday night, as the [...]

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10-13-17 Unhappy Case Histories: Canadians and Americans Can Learn From Each Other

Representative Rob Bishop, courtesy Civil Services. Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced the nomination of Kathleen Hartnett White to chair the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). Chairman Rob Bishop released the following statement: “Kathleen Hartnett White is a great choice to help the administration realign priorities at CEQ. Over the past eight years, this executive office has attempted to use the National Environmental Policy Act as a tool to stonewall any project with a federal nexus. I look forward to working with her on a long overdue streamlining of [...]

10-12-17 Your Northern Energy Update

Warning: Alaska treads troubled economic waters in the middle of a fiscal storm.  Politicians are making the financial crisis worse by creating state subsidies and ratepayer risks.  The story below again reminds us of the Administration's payoff to Interior Alaska supporters via a subsidized Fairbanks gas utility (i.e. when South Central's Enstar customers paid for their own).   Not to mention the otherwise uneconomic Fire Island wind generation project and an infeasible Alaska LNG\pipeline scheme.   Note how two local politicians in the story below are discussing a strategy for squeezing [...]