11-22-17 More Alaska LNG Chatter On Thanksgiving Eve!

State releases agreement signed with China on gas pipeline venture By Rashah McChesney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau More gasline chatter! Alaska Gasline Asks FERC to Accelerate Environmental Review Natural Gas Intelligence The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. (AGDC) has asked FERC to advance the review of its proposed pipeline and natural gas liquefaction project, ... Alaska governor touts pipeline project that faces hurdles - San Francisco Chronicle Alaska governor touts pipeline project that faces hurdles - Middletown Press Alaska governor touts pipeline project that faces hurdles - SFGate Full Coverage Flag as irrelevant More details on Alaska-China gas deal released KTUU.com [...]

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11-20-17 On the Road: Cuenca-Quito-Houston-El Paso-Anchorage

ALERT: Nebraska gives approval to Keystone XL pipeline Courtesy: TransCanada FYI: our "on the road" Facebook post: http://tinyurl.com/y8ylvfed Alaska Gas Reaction to China-Alaska gas letter mixed Must Read Alaska (blog) Walker stressed the joint development agreement between the state, AGDC and the integrated Chinese oil and gas giant Sinopec, the Bank of China ... Gas line could employ 12000 at peak, 1000 long-term KTUU.com ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The Alaska gas line project could bring up to ... to Keith Meyer, president of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. New [...]

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11-18-17 On the Road

Dear Reader: We're on the road: Cuenca, Ecuador to Houston to El Paso to Anchorage. During occasional breaks, we'll add whatever northern energy related news might add to the value of our archives. -Dave Relevant clips.... Yukon mine would require $100M worth of electricity COMMON CORE MATH ON GASLINE: Details recently released by the Alaska Gasline Development Agency show that China would get 75 percent of the gas from the Alaska LNG gasline, and other Asian countries would get the other 25 percent. Alaska would get ... the remaining [...]

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From our friends at "Must Read Alaska": Gasline Math COMMON CORE MATH ON GASLINE: Details recently released by the Alaska Gasline Development Agency show that China would get 75 percent of the gas from the Alaska LNG gasline, and other Asian countries would get the other 25 percent. Alaska would get ... the remaining what percent? Extra credit. Gas line accord is promising, but we're a long way from pipe Alaska Dispatch News Walker bristled when asked by an Alaska reporter by phone if the ... ExxonMobil Corp., when it [...]

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Canada Council turns down request from Farkas and Colley-Urquhart to delay SWBRT. Calgary Herald.  It's expected construction on this leg of the southwest BRT will start as soon as ATCO is done high-pressure gas line replacement work on 14th Street.

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11-13-17 What Of The McKenzie Valley Gas Pipeline?

  Dave Harbour in Inuvik to chair Pipeline Panel, Inuvik Petroleum Conference, June 2002. As Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway opens, will the $300M price tag be worth it?.   CBC.ca.  But with amoratorium on oil and gas development in the Arctic for the ... the Mackenzie Gas Project — also known as the Mackenzie Valley pipeline....  


TODAY: Here are 5 big questions about Alaska's gas line deal with China.  Alaska Dispatch News.   ... Corp. could invest, said Keith Meyer, Alaska Gasline Development Corp. president . IGU representatives set to meet with state officials this week.  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.  By purchasing Pentex, the utility would acquire FairbanksNatural Gas, ... The borough-owned IGU was formed as part of the Interior Energy Project ... What Chinese LNG deal means for Alaska.  Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman.  AGDC took over as lead and is now sole owner of Alaska LNGafter North Slope producers BP, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil, citing soft LNG .. AGDC signs with Chinese Petroleum News Meyer added he [...]

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11-11-17 Veterans Day: Not A Time For Alaska Socialism

We oppose a socialist Alaskan economy on this Veterans Day! by Dave Harbour Alaska Governor Bill Walker. NGP File Photo by Dave Harbour Below, readers will find yesterday's statement from Governor Bill Walker that congratulates the Alaska State Senate on its passage of crime reform.   He goes on to criticise the Senate for adjourning without imposing more taxes on the private sector during 1)) a time of fiscal crisis, and 2) at a time when he is crafting a socialistic energy economy a la Venezuela (Read yesterday's [...]

11/10/17 We’re From the Government and We’re Here To Help!

Consumer Interests Are Best Protected by Free Enterprises and Not Government Enterprises by Dave Harbour Alaska's governor has taken FULL CONTROL OVER what amounts to a 'nationalized' North Slope natural gas project and has attempted to make it glitter with a supportive array of "memoranda of understanding" from Asian (i.e. most recently Chinese) countries.  Without political, uneconomic dealmaking, the project is infeasible at this time--even if it were more efficiently managed by the private sector.  This is because, with an 800 mile pipeline to fold into the LNG project's [...]

11-9-17 Alaska-China: More Memoranda of Understanding

Breaking News - Alaska gas line agency signs agreement with Chinese oil company, financial institutions. The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. said the different entities have agreed to cooperate on LNG marketing, financing and investment. Bloomberg: Alaska strikes a gasline deal with Chinese firm.  KTUU.com.  Cost estimates for mega-projects are notoriously inaccurate, but even the low-end projection to get the Alaska LNG Project up and running -- $45 ...  Big reveal: Alaska gasline deal is on with China - Must Read Alaska (blog)  Full Coverage Presidents Trump and Xi Witness Historic Signing of Joint Development Agreement for Alaska LNG State of Alaska, [...]

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11-8-17 Energy Bill Advances

Bipartisan SECURE American Energy Act Advances to Markup Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources held a legislative hearing on a discussion draft of the “Strengthening the Economy with Critical Untapped Resources to Expand American Energy Act” or “SECURE American Energy Act.” The bipartisan SECURE American Energy Act overhauls resource management practices on federal lands to promote expanded exploration, development, and production of oil, gas and wind energy. The introduced version – H.R. 4239, sponsored by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) and Reps. Henry [...]

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11-7-17 LNG Weekly Update

LNG WEEKLY UPDATE • U.S. Senate confirms new FERC chairman • Beijing Gas Blue Sky to buy stake in PetroChina Jingtang LNG • Peru dispatches LNG cargo to Spain • Titan LNG bunkers retrofitted container ship Wes Amelie • Air Liquide to expand Kinetrex's North LNG plant • Novatek increases Kharbeyskoye field reserves estimate • MISC LNG revenues up • Puerto Rico LNG imports resume • Nigerian LNG cargo bound for Portugal • US LNG exports continue to rise after record month Facility In Cook Inlet Sold [...]

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11-6-17 Energy News For Our Readers

Week's first energy links of use to our readers *Courtesy Larry Persily, Kenai Peninsula Borough: U.S. LNG providers hope to win share of expiring supply contracts (Bloomberg; Nov. 2) - The $90 billion-a-year liquefied natural gas market will be reshaped in 2018 as several large, long-term contracts start to expire. Growing supplies from the U.S., higher demand in Europe and Asia, and geopolitical tension surrounding Russia and Qatar, the world’s top suppliers, promise to shift long-time trading patterns. For decades the majority of LNG bought and sold around the [...]

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12-3-17 More good news for Congressional action on energy!

Members Introduce Bipartisan Scalise-Cuellar-Bishop-González Energy Bill FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 3, 2017 CONTACT: Parish Braden, Molly Block, Katie Schoettler (202) 226-9019 Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), joined by House Committee on Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) and Reps. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and Vicente González (D-TX), introduced legislation to promote domestic energy development on both America’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and its vast onshore federal acreage. H.R. 4239, the “Strengthening the Economy with Critical Untapped Resources to Expand American Energy Act” or “SECURE American Energy Act,” will spur economic investment in federal lands, diversify [...]

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