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1-17-2021 Melania’s Final First Lady Message of Peace – New President To Cancel Keystone Pipeline?

Then there's some not so happy energy news from the new Administration.... Biden to Cancel Keystone XL Pipeline Permit on First Day in Office: CBC U.S. News & World Report, The Keystone pipeline is operated by TC Energy Corp. The $9 billion project, which would move oil from the province of Alberta to Nebraska, had been ...

1-15-2021 Alaska’s Difficult Budget Decisions Revealed

If you were unable to watch yesterday's RDC joint breakfast meeting with The Alliance, you may view the video presentation now at: akrdc.org   Assessment of Governor Dunleavy's Budget     Larry Persily, former Alaska gas pipeline federal coordinator. NGP Photo by Dave Harbour. Featuring:  Larry Persily, Former Department of Revenue Deputy Commissioner, Neil Steininger, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Ben Stevens, Chief of Staff to Governor Dunleavy January 14, 2021 Assessment of Governor Dunleavy's Budget Featuring: Larry Persily, Former Department of Revenue Deputy Commissioner Neil [...]

1-12-21 Will This Happen To Our Children?

Let History Remind Us by Dave Harbour  Whether we be employed by the oil, mining, transportation, retail, agriculture, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, manufacturing, or ocean industry, we in the free world have one thing in common: freedom. Freedom enables each of us to explore our talents and dreams with initiative, creativity, dedication, or ... not at all.   Without freedom, a political vacuum invites raw power struggles for control of wealth and sovereignty and even our individual destinies. Today's freedom is at risk.  We have borrowed vast trillions via our local, state, [...]

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1-8-2021 Good News: Climate Related Deaths Now Almost Zero

One less thing to worry about... Climate Realism (1/2/21) blog: "Despite the near constant caterwauling from climate alarmists that we are in a 'climate emergency', real-world data, released at the end of 2020 shows that climate related deaths are now approaching zero. The data spans 100 years of 'global warming' back to 1920 and shows 'climate related' deaths are now approaching zero. Below is an update of the graph in the 2020 peer-reviewed article by Bjørn Lomborg: Welfare in the 21st century: Increasing development, reducing inequality, the impact of climate [...]

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We added a new poem today, HERE: 12-15-20.  A Song of God’s Delight … Re: David’s Psalm 1. Pembina plans $785M in capital spending for 2021, restarting work on two key projects,  CBC.ca.    Pembina Pipeline Corp. is planning $785 million in capital spending next year as it moves to ... The pipeline expansion includes a new pipeline and associated ... The Empress co-generation facility will use natural gas to generate up to 45 ... CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices|About CBC News.  

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11-26-2020 We Give Thanks Today. We Pray The Founders’ Vison Is Preserved!

Thanksgiving 2020 A Day Of Thanks For God, Country, Founders and Generations of Patriots America's Founders Thanksgiving Proclamation, 3 October 1789 President George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation [New York, 3 October 1789] By the President of the United States of America. a Proclamation. Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor—and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested [...]

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11-12-20 We hope Alaska doesn’t make this huge mistake

We Pray This Report Is Only A Reporter's Nightmare, Lest It Become Reality Commentary by Dave Harbour So far, we lack confirmation of the adjacent story and hope it is only a terrifying rumor. Former Alaska Governor Bill Walker. NGP File Photo by Dave Harbour But if the former Governor or any other private citizen is successful in convincing enough decision-makers to support this type of deal, we believe it will be at the expense of every Alaskan in several ways.  We believe the state could be [...]

10-20-20 Dearly Departed: Jack Roderick

Our longtime friend, Jack Roderick, died Monday.  While he was involved in liberal politics and I supported conservative values, we came together — as friends — around most energy issues. In the early 1970s I worked with Murray, Kraft & Rocket to organize the campaign to combine the Greater Anchorage Borough and City of Anchorage into the new Municipality of Anchorage. I then coordinated the television and print portions of City Mayor George M Sullivan’s successful Municipal Mayoral campaign against Jack who had been serving as Mayor of the Borough. Through [...]

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10-10-20 We love EVs, but let’s be realistic!

I love electric battery power. You couldn’t separate me from my electric lawn mower, leaf blower, grass trimmer and drills! But I caution my friends about big “alternate energy” schemes designed to benefit the promoter, not the consumer. The article below lays out some often neglected disadvantages of EV ownership. One might also consider that an electric vehicle could routinely use as much electricity as a home. It usually charges at night when everyone is home washing, cleaning, cooking & heating/cooling the home. If the local utility (California, for example) [...]

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10/7/20 Big losses of Alaskan jobs

« Alaska Minimum Wage will increase in 2021 |Main Wednesday, October 07, 2020 August jobs down 10.5 percent from last August State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development September 18, 2020 No. 20-33 JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska’s August job count was down 10.5 percent from last August, a loss of 37,000 jobs. Pandemic disruptions continued to spur large over-the-year losses in all industries except federal government, which was up 1,400 jobs due to temporary hiring for the 2020 Census. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined from 11.6 [...]

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10-5-20 We Thank Our Teacher, Dr. Stanley, For A Lifetime Of Service

View this email in your browser intouch.org | Donate  Share | Subscribe In the October 05 newsletter: Learn more about Dr. Stanley’s new relationship with First Baptist Atlanta and see how you can help advance the gospel around the world. HAVE YOU HEARD? In obedience to the Holy Spirit and leading of the Lord, Dr. Stanley has stepped down as senior pastor of First Baptist Atlanta and now holds the honorary title of pastor emeritus. But don’t worry. Dr. Stanley remains in good health and will continue to preach from the In Touch [...]

10-4-20 Canada Continues To Veer Energy-Leftward

This is not good news: Toronto lawyer Annamie Paul elected leader of the federal Green Party  CBC.ca  May is among Parliament's most ardent critics of oil and gas pipelines and the country's natural resources sector. She has also pushed for universal ... MORE BAD NEWS FROM CBC: leaders (finally?) talk climate change  ... emissions from oil and gas production will exceed B.C.'s existing 2050 target by ... for timber and would support the building of the Trans Mountain pipeline. ... It will be covered across all CBC British Columbia platforms, including ..

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9-26-2020 Tongass Freed From Restrictive Roadless Rule

Colleagues: The recent full exemption of the Tongass from the roadless rule is a positive event in these trying times.  Towns and villages in Southeast existed long before the Tongass was designated as a national forest.  The ability of our people to build futures for their families is a fundamental priority, which can be balanced with environmental concerns; the roadless exemption provides for this balance.  The people of Southeast Alaska are benefitting from this action by a thoughtful administration. Sincerely yours, Don Habeger Executive Director First Things First Alaska [...]

9-16-20 April – September Alaskanomics Reports

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 July jobs down 11.2 percent from last July Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development August 21, 2020 No. 20-30 JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska’s July job count was down 11.2 percent from last July, a loss of 39,900 jobs. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined to 11.6 percent from 12.4 percent in June. The comparable U.S rate decreased from 11.1 percent to 10.2 percent. COVID-19 continued to disrupt Alaska’s economy. The largest job losses were in Anchorage, but the Southeast, Gulf Coast and Northern regions [...]

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